Guest Terms and Conditions

How the portal and services work

The portal and services should be used to facilitate the searching and booking of accommodation or service. Such accommodations and services are included in the listings of the portal, and are added by the hosts. You may view listings as an unregistered visitor to the portal; however if you wish to book an accommodation or service, you must register first.


Guests may book an accommodation or service via the portal based on the information provided in the online listing.

Bookings for Guests

Only the hosts, not, are responsible for honouring confirmed bookings and provide any accommodation or service booked via the portal. If as a Guest, you choose to conclude booking for an accommodation or service with a Host, you agree and understand that you must accept all terms, conditions, rules and restrictions related to the accommodation or service and imposed by the Host.

Booking Cancellations for Guests

If, as a Guest, you cancel your requested booking after it is confirmed by a Host, will cancel that booking. If the Guest cancels a reservation after being confirmed by the host and after paying the respective Service Fee, will cancel the reservation.

Booking Cancellations for Hosts

If a Host cancels the booking, will provide the guest a listing of similar accommodations or services. This must be done within a period of 7 days from the cancellation date.

Users Conduct

You understand and agree that you are solely responsible for compliance with any and all laws, rules, regulations and tax obligations that may be imposed for the use of the portal, services and content published by you. In connection with your use of the portal you agree that you will not:
• Contact a Host for any purpose other than to asking a question related to a booking, accommodation or listing;
• Use the portal to find a Host and then complete a booking of an accommodation or service independent of the portal, in order to avoid the obligation to pay any Service Fees related to provision of the services or for any other reasons;